Nishikant Sonwalkar, Sc.D, mit, Founder and CEO

Professor of Engineering at University of Massachusetts Boston and Former Director of the Hypermedia Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Nish is a pioneer in the field of solar energy technology. He is actively involved in Molecular Dynamics simulations and Raman Spectroscopy research related to advanced material interfaces and nanomaterials for solar applications. His research related to advanced materials and solar applications motivated him to create SunDensity's SmartScreen Technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the solar energy industry. His current research interests are focused on the development of solar quantum interactions for the development of ultra-high efficiency solar cells. 



Former Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Plant Developer and Global Business Development for emerging Light Harvesting Technology (DSSC)

Kevin has over a decade of marketing experience in the solar energy industry. He was the Director of Business Development for third generation thin film PV technology, Konarka Technologies developing and deploying projects around the world. At Nexamp, a leading regional commercial/utility solar plant developer, he managed the full development cycle of commercial solar projects from concept to design, financing and EPC execution. At ElectricFilm, a low light harvesting PV technology firm, Kevin was Vice President of Sales focused on the commercialization of the light harvesting technology to power a broad range of sensors for the Building Internet of Things. 


Rick Lewandowski, Entrepreneur In Residence, NYSERDA

Former Founder & President New York Solar Energy Industry Association

Rick brings an ocean of experience in the solar energy industry to SunDensity. His prior experience as a former President of Prism Solar Technologies, Direct Global Power & SunWize Technologies is a positive impetus to our team at SunDensity. Over his career panning 30+ years, he has gained expertise in scalable manufacturing of solar products for utility scale power plants. He has also been an Executive director at the Center of Clean Energy Technology among other stellar achievements. With Rick on board, we at SunDensity are excited for the road ahead.


Members of the SunDensity team at their office in the Venture Development Center