Photo by taraki/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by taraki/iStock / Getty Images

SunDensity is dedicated for harnessing the solar energy by photonic solar conversion (PSC) process. The Si photovoltaic (PV) conversion process suffers from the low efficiency and hence the return-on-investment is slow and grid parity is difficult to achieve.  

SunDensity has developed innovative photonic technology that allows harnessing photons to its maximum efficiency. 

The new process is termed as Photonic Solar ConversionTM.   The innovation using the photonic conversions is able to increase the efficiency of the Si solar cells by 100 to 150%.  

This increase in efficiency for conventional Si solar cells leads to immediate reduction in areas required to generate electrical power, faster RoI and grid parity.  

Hence, PSC is a game-changer technology which can be used to both enhance the existing installations of solar PV power plants and to create entirely new design for solar panel with much higher power yield per square meter.